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 What if you could take your home... 

From "help me!" to clutter-free? 

From mess to YES! 

...All with easy-to-follow, sustainable systems that fit into your current busy schedule?


Get rid of the overwhelm. Get rid of the clutter.
Get organized and THRIVE!

 Introducing... Organize & Thrive Membership Program

An exclusive offer for women who are ready to get rid of the clutter and organize their homes, once and for all. 


  • feeling like you’re running in the constant hamster wheel of life and never keeping up

  • stressing about being late because you can't find your keys 

  • the panic that comes when a friend drops by unannounced

  • junk drawers and overstuffed closets

  • the daily frustration, and constant overwhelm that weigh you down.

Spend time on things you really value.

Ready to live the streamlined life you deserve?


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 A comprehensive program to organize your home, overcome mental barriers, design sustainable systems, and understand the mindsets and habits needed for organization that lasts.

Keeping your house clean, tidy, and organized is hard. 

Sure you do the dishes every night, vacuum every week, wipe down your counters, and pick up the living room.

Your home actually looks pretty good, as long as you have time for a rush clean before someone comes by.

But you know what's hiding inside the closets and cupboards.

You've tried tackling the clutter, but the piles keep piling up.

The kids make constant messes.

There are too few hours in a day to finish home organization projects, and sometimes you wonder if it’s even worth it. It’s just going to get messy again soon.

You have interesting hobbies and projects, but feel like you can’t work on them until the house is tidy….and that day doesn’t seem to ever come.

It's all too overwhelming.


You don’t have to live like this. You can ditch the constant drain on your energy, the stream of negative thoughts and frustration that come every time you open a closet.

If you’re tired of being overrun and overwhelmed, it’s time to rise above and live a life of intention!

It’s time to reclaim your space, reduce your clutter, rid yourself of daily stress, and restore your calm.

It’s time to get organized and THRIVE.

"The inner peace and calm is hard to imagine until you've lived it! 

Six months ago I was struggling with the curse of clutter to the point that I was completely overwhelmed, but now with my simplified morning routine, I quickly know where things belong, get them put back, and am out the door on time." 

- Lu Ann, Texas



Being organized has more to do with your thoughts than you realize. Once you declutter your thoughts, it will be so much easier to declutter your space, and your life. 


And keep it that way for good.


That's why so many women struggle to stay on top of their housework despite being amazingly organized in other areas. They don't address the thoughts, mindsets, and ingrained habits holding them back.

It’s why so many organizing systems FAIL!

And why so many of us spend the weekends getting things in order, only to have things look chaotic again by Tuesday.

Or why we binge watch Marie Kondo on Netflix, but procrastinate our own cleaning because "we don't have time” or “we don’t know how.”

Sounds familiar, right?

Over the past seven years, I've helped clients transform their homes into the beautiful, tidy spaces they deserve. But so often, a few months later, they have more stuff, more stress, and need help again.

I knew there had to be a better way.

So I applied coaching principles to create a signature offering that combines home organization with mindfulness coaching.  I not only help you organize your space in easy-to-follow steps, but I teach you how to let go of the thoughts and limiting beliefs that have caused your disorganization in the past. 

In this value-packed membership...

  • Get instant access to my signature method through pre-recorded video courses, and step-by-step plans to organize any room like a pro.


  • Get expert guidance on how to effectively organize in 20-minute increments without making a giant mess in the process.


  • Design super-sustainable systems that even your kids can help maintain.


  • Understand the thoughts that cause overwhelm, make organization so hard, and are ultimately holding you back.


  • Get live group coaching and real-time answers to your specific questions along the way through weekly live coaching webinars.


  • Learn to let go of excess things that no longer serve you.


  • Create space in your home, your schedule, and your life for the things you love most.


Yes, I'm ready to clear out the clutter!

You’ll learn a whole new way of living and thinking. This is not a temporary fix, but a proven method to clear out clutter (mental and physical) and give you freedom to live a life of intention!

The Organize & Thrive Membership includes the methods, training, guides, coaching, and community designed to help you reclaim your space, your mind, and your time. Get yourself organized and THRIVE.

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What is The Organize & Thrive Membership?


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I'll teach you my SIMPLE Formula developed through years of experience organizing client's homes. You will have access to a full library of recorded organizing classes with step-by-step guides for decluttering and organizing EVERY room in your home. Soon you'll be organizing like a pro and creating sustainable systems and tidying habits to last a lifetime.

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You'll learn to tackle organization from the inside out. Focused on science-backed research designed to help you establish habits and routines to keep your home (and your thoughts) organized, tidy, and free of clutter. This is not a cheap, outdated video course. It's expert guidance, in real-time from a certified coach. Overcome procrastination and overwhelm -- and get on top of your organization once and for all. (I add new live trainings and Q&A sessions every week!)

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Join our Clutter-free Tribe of high-achieving women who take care of their families, their jobs, and their homes. Feel comfortable and at ease with other women who are tackling their messes alongside you. Cheer each other on, share ideas, and get answers in our private Facebook community. 


for less than you spend on those late night Amazon buys.

Instead of buying more STUFF to put away, invest in yourself and create awesome habits for your life. 

 Your Organize & Thrive membership includes all of the training videos, mini-courses, room-by-room organizing workbooks, weekly live coaching webinars and group Q&A sessions. 

I'm in!

"This year I had the goal to declutter my house. I was able to accomplish my goal through small 20-minute increments like Lori taught me in this program. It's really true, that if you just take it a step at a time, one day you look around and recognize that you did it! This membership program has seriously blessed my life."

Angie, New Mexico

Before you start thinking you don’t have time, remember:

This entire program is set up to be done in short bursts. Listen on your commute, as you run errands, as you do the dishes. Organize using my formula, for just 20 minutes a day, and you can see phenomenal results.

With this membership alone, you will have access to a professional organizer, bite-size video courses, and step-by-step guides for creating clutter-free, organized systems that last.

Imagine the price you'd pay hiring a professional organizer to work in your home.

For just $39/month you can have the same gorgeous results, and build life-long habits for lasting change.

Get in now! Doors are closing soon. 

Ready to invest in yourself?

YES! I'm ready for change.


Introducing Lori Schlegel, professional organizer and certified life coach. 

I take an inside out approach to helping you edit your home, declutter your schedule, and organize your life. 

With my live webinar coaching, real-time Q&A calls, and step-by-step guides, I will help you establish great habits for an organized home that lasts!

What are you waiting for? 



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Join our Clutter-free Tribe!

If you are ready to take small, daily steps to get organized and live the life you deserve, it’s time for you to do something about it.

Still wondering if the Organize & Thrive Membership is right for you? Let’s remove all your risk and excuses with this special offer…


Watch the trainings, download the step-by-step guides, listen in on the coaching calls. Participate in the private community. Use the resources, apply the SIMPLE Formula and create systems in your home…..

If after 30 days, you don’t agree that you’re getting more value than the $39 monthly price, simply cancel before your next monthly payment hits. There are no contracts or cancellation fees. Stay for one month or ten, you get to decide. 

Join Today

There are a hundred reasons to put off your decision to join The Organize & Thrive Membership. We won’t argue.


But before you say “no”, think about your how you feel every day after walking through the mess, shoving things in closets, opening doors slowly so nothing falls out, hating the chaos in your pantry, wondering what is even hanging in your overstuffed closet?  Anxious. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Discouraged.

When will that feeling go away? Our home has a huge affect on our mood, confidence, and happiness.

I want you to think about how you will feel without all of that.

You wake up to a tidy home and notice the sunlight through the window, rather than the stuff piled under it. You make meals for your family without ever scrounging through the chaotic pantry.

You can come and go from your home with ease because it's free of clutter, and everything has a place.

Your systems are so easy, even your kids can put things away. Less nagging, less cleaning, more quality time spent together.

Think of the feelings of accomplishment and confidence when you open the closet and see beautiful bins, color coordinated clothes hanging, and space for everything to breathe.

You can invite your friends inside without doing a frantic 10-min sprint to stuff things out of sight.

You can relax into the couch feeling inspired, calm, and at peace.

You will have a clutter-free home and a clutter-free mind, allowing you to do what you truly want, and THRIVE.

Enough already. I want in!


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