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"My home has never been so organized and decluttered in my life! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone I know."

Laurie Doherty


I'm Lori Schlegel. 

Professional Organizer & Certified Life Coach.

I teach an inside out approach to organizing. I can help you change your mindset about organizing and gain new systems for clearing the clutter from your home, and your life.

Generate the results you desire through greater productivity and more free time for the things you love most.

Together we’ll edit, organize and simplify your life. True freedom awaits, I can’t wait to work with you.

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Learn How to Better Organize Your...


Create more time for the things and the people you love most. 


Let go of the clutter and create systems to simplify your life. 


Calm your mind by learning how to edit and organize your thoughts.

Organize Your Home in 8 Weeks Online Course


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