Hi, I'm Lori.  

I’m so glad you’re here!



Full disclosure: having an organized home has not always been a natural way of living for me.


Eight years ago, my house felt overly cluttered and disorganized. Here’s a glimpse into one of my closets back then. I knew it was time for a change.



I dove in and learned all I could about organizing and transformed my home into this.


Not only did I love how my home looked and felt, but I also became passionate about the internal transformation that organizing created within me.
The inner peace, clarity of thought, and joy that came with organizing is what led me to start my professional organizing business seven years ago.
And, in order to serve my clients at the next level, I became a Certified Life Coach. 
Coaching people to transform their lives - both inside and out - has been incredibly fulfilling.

I hope you'll consider joining The Membership, where we'll take a holistic approach to organizing your life. 


Not only will you gain the skills you need to have an organized home, but you'll also learn how to declutter your mind for greater clarity, freedom, and self-love.


You’ll find that the more you clear out the mental clutter, the easier it is to organize your home (and vise versa).
I can’t wait to help you discover true FREEDOM as you simplify your life.  
If you’re feeling hesitant or unsure, I get it. I’ve been there too. My house felt cluttered, my mind was scattered, and the idea of making lasting change was completely overwhelming.
I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS! We'll go on this journey together one step at a time. I’ll be there to guide you along the way.
Living an organized life is closer than you think.
I can't wait to show you how. 
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