"I can't express how much I have benefited from this membership! This is the complete package! I have tried so many different ways to organize myself through the years and none of them worked, until now. Lori is a masterful teacher who is very approachable and willing to address any questions you have. I really look forward to the coaching calls each week and always come away with helpful insights. The way she brings organizing your home, time, and mind together really is genius! Being in this membership has taught me I can make positive changes in my life that last. "


"This year I had the goal to declutter my house. I was able to accomplish my goal through small 20-minute increments like Lori taught me in this program. It's really true, that if you just take it a step at a time, one day you look around and recognize that you did it! This membership program has seriously blessed my life. "

New Mexico

"I've been so sick of feeling overwhelmed that I decided enough was enough and joined this membership. This is the first time I have felt on top of decluttering and organizing. It's no longer an overwhelming process. 30 minutes every day is my commitment to myself. Sometimes I have the luxury of 30 minutes all at once. Sometimes it's 3 quick 10-minute sessions, but the follow through has completely changed how I show up for myself and my family. I have even noticed a difference in my son's behavior when he is in our playroom. He seems more focused and happy with the toy he's playing with and enjoys cleaning up after himself!"

New Mexico

"I have been extremely impressed with the positive experience I have received from the coaching and organizing lessons learned in Lori’s online course. In my opinion, the small investment made to learn so much from Lori is absolutely worth every penny. You not only learn to organize your 'stuff,' she gives you tools to help you manage everyday issues that sometimes need a little extra thought. Lori’s bright, positive and cheerful personality displays her passion for organization, which also makes her an awesome cheerleader for her clients. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone I know and I will continue to use her to grow myself as a better person. And lastly, my home has never been so organized and decluttered in my life! My family and I are so happy with the transformation made since taking the class with Lori."


"Lori’s approach to organizing really works! Her Simple Formula breaks down simplifying and organizing in a way that simultaneously motivates and feels very doable. I’m busy (who isn’t?) and didn’t have hours a day to dedicate to organizing, but the program helped me tackle projects in small pieces that fit my time constraints. Unlike other organizing systems, Lori really takes time to address your mindset and your habits: two things that are essential to getting organized and maintaining it! Lori is committed to serving her clients and helped whenever I got stuck."


"I'd like to thank Lori for the amazing experience I have had while taking her Simple Formula course. Because I feared signing up and not completing the course, I was hesitant to get registered. I eventually decided I had nothing to lose and gave it a try. Fortunately this course was different from the many other online courses I have experienced. Lori gave me the mentoring and encouragement that helped me make amazing progress. I learned that most of the battle had to do with my mind and thoughts. In three short weeks, minus the 5 days that I was out of state, I was able to tackle four major areas of my home and feel I have the confidence to keep the momentum up to reach my clutter free home goal. I feel very grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with Lori and look forward to continue working with her to reach my goals."


"Simple Formula Organizing has given me new life. Organizing my home has brought a new energy that you can totally feel as you walk from room to room. It is now easy to keep up on the housework. This membership has also given me clarity of mind. I have more TIME to do the things I enjoy. I have learned some wonderful skills."

Lori C.

"I love the Simple Program. That is exactly what I have now, a simple space that is not chaotic!"


"Six months ago I was struggling with the curse of clutter to the point that I was completely overwhelmed. But now with my simplified morning routine I quickly know where things belong, get them put back, and am out the door on time. I’ve actually cut down on my grocery bill and have not thrown out one outdated item. Most of all…I’m starting to develop an inner peace and calmness that is hard to imagine unless you’ve lived it. The hardest part of this journey has been learning to let go. My brain has quieted down about letting things go. It’s now much easier! "

Lu Ann

"I have been struggling to put into words what you have done for me this past month because truly it is a lot. I can't thank you enough. I come from a family where people just magically have organized homes but I've never seen the behind the scenes thought process. If there is one thing this course has done is to show me how to go behind the scenes on those homes. Mornings have been crazy in our home since the birth of our second baby but today, I realized everything ran smoothly. I was done packing lunches and making breakfast in 10 minutes because of the systems Lori has helped me put in place. This really is a lifestyle change. I highly recommend this course to anyone that has ever wondered how to keep up with the demands of managing a home with a busy life. This is definitely worth your time and effort. "


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this program. I love not having to sit down and reread but instead I get to see and hear you. I can watch the videos while I am in my kitchen getting lunches ready. I can get the motivation and can re-energize my sense of where I want to go. This has been such a freeing experience for me and now my family will also be affected by me taking action. I can then go and change other's lives by finding more of my purpose and calling in life. Thank you for such a wonderful gift again. I can't believe just how much this has helped with my transformation. May you have much success with this. I know I will be referring some of my friends."


"I just wanted to let you know how much the Simple Formula has helped me make some great changes in my home and how I feel! I really love all of your amazing ideas on organizing but I know that learning about my mindset and the 'why' we hold on to things is how I’m going to make lasting changes for all areas of my life! I would recommend your program to anyone that needs help in “editing “ their life (starting with the clutter in our homes)! You are so easy to relate to and help others not to feel embarrassed about sharing their stories and pictures. This is better than paying an organizer to come do it for you (not as easy) but being taught the skills will help in all areas of my life! "


"I have had 'organize & declutter my house' on my New Year's Resolutions for over a decade. I’m so happy to feel like I’m going to be able to do the mental work to break some long term and frustratingly unhelpful habits. I have spent a few months working with another Life Coach School Coach on emotional issues so the consistent 'thought work' crossing over from emotional issues to physical household issue to tackle the clutter and mess is exceptional! Thank you for the workbooks! I’m excited to have room for a new item down come New Years! "

Heather P.
New York

"For the first time I truly decluttered instead of just moving things around. I have learned how liberating it feels to get rid of excess. I still have more to do in my home, but now I am confident I can do it. I am so appreciative and am looking forward to future webinars and coaching! "


"Thank you so much for taking the time to create this course. I have learned so much and look forward to learning more things about myself. This course is about more than organizing. It is teaching me things I can use in almost every area of my life. I have procrastinated getting better organized for a long time, but now I feel like I can be successful and I don't want to put it off anymore." Then six months later Sherri sent the following message... “I just wanted to tell you that the places I have organized well are so easy to keep clean and neat. Thank you for teaching me such valuable skills. "


"Lori's Simple Formula Organizing has been eye-opening, inspiring, motivating, and transformative. I love her Simple Program for many reasons, but particularly because it has helped me to dig deeper and think about what matters most. It has caused me to ponder and act on a better and simpler way to live. Lori makes you feel so comfortable with where you're at on your journey. Her 'come as you are,' 'no shame' outlook, positive attitude, incredible vision and expertise has personally given me that extra kick-starter and motivation that I can indeed do this organization thing! Lori's Simple Formula has all the tools you need to succeed!"


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